Which diamond ring to wear this season?

Private Diamond Club presents an amazing collection of diamond rings. Discover some new models of diamond rings that will, for sure, attract one’s attention.

Spiral diamond ring with pink and white gold, called Pourpier, is a wide, golden spiral ring, very fashionable thanks to its shape and the union of two colors of 18k gold – white and pink. This golden ring will cost online only 3 000 euro (so about 2 700 euro less than the same ring offered on the market). Pourpier will match all outfits and styles. Everybody will notice this amazing, wide, sparkling and eye-catching ring on female finger!

Private Diamond Club offers as well some original models of diamond rings, like Bouvardia, or Galax with four intertwined rings made with 18 k gold and 17 small diamonds. It’s up to the client to choose the color of the gold setting (it can be yellow, white, or a pink). By ordering Bouvardia diamond ring on Private Diamond Club website, you can save up to 1 480 euro! On the other hand, you can save even 2 590 euro by buying Galax online!

Lady diamond wedding band, called Pimprenelle belongs as well to the collection of wide diamond rings that «are really in» this season. Pimprenelle is paved with 123 diamonds set on the 18 k gold setting, 8 mm wide. This jewelry is available in yellow, white and pink gold. Pimprenelle will be the cherry on the top of the wedding dress, but as well of a special outfit for an important evening, meeting, conference, festival, or party.

For these who prefer traditional diamond rings, Private Diamond Club offers fine gold and 0.11 ct diamond journey ring called Volubilis 17! This ring is decorated with a ribbon of 23 diamonds that are making this jewelry look special and charming.

All diamonds offered on Private Diamond Club are sent to the clients with special certification given by independent laboratories: The Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD), The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), The International Gemological Institute (IGI). All orders will be delivered within 8 days, without any additional costs.

To learn more, visit this website: http://www.private-diamond-club.com/

habitat automatisme

New solutions to automate your home

Olly C is an automatism for interior sliding door. It brings comfort and accessibility inside your house.

Easy to install, it provides an ideal solution for the elderly people and for people with reduced mobility. Designed with compact dimensions, it can be installed with tracks of other brands.

Available in several versions, it meets all requirements: with infrared radar to automatically open the gate, or with a remote control.

Eco-responsible, the OLLY C-automation is designed to consume less electricity while operating or as well on stand-by mode.

Strongly appreciated by disabled people, it let circulate freely at home, independently.

Available for sale in our online store, Olly-C meets gracefully needs of comfort and accessibility of everyone.

Concerning Habitat Automatisme : Habitat Automatisme is an online store specialized in automatic gates, the motorized garage doors, automatic shutters and blinds at home.

Habitat Automatisme is a Diffam Automatismes’ brand. The key point of this society is a distribution of customized solutions for professionals. Thanks to its 30-years experience, a society has developed customized solutions, motorization kits tailored to your needs, recommendations lying and very detailed product sheets.

saving the environment

People who want to save coral reef

Coral Guardian saving coral reef

These guys at the picture above are working to save coral reef on Earth.
Do something good and donate. They will think for you how to save Coral Reef and Marine Ecosystem.
Have you already heard about Coral Guardian? This charity is made of young, energetic and ambitious people who were gathered one day to create Coral Guardian, organization that protects coral reef on Earth.

environment pollution

What are they doing?

  • trying to learn local population how to take advantage of the Ocean without devastating it
  • planting artificial coral reefs to restore marine ecosystem
  • making researches to increase our knowledge of coral bleaching, certain human diseases such as cancer, malaria, or Alzheimer,
  • trying to find solutions to reduce fishing pressures on endangered zones and repopulate damaged marine areas!

devastating coralk reef

Why should we fight for saving coral reef?

Firstly, coral reefs are a kind of protection for costs against storms, hurricanes. Coral reefs reduce in a certain way the energy of tsunami. Without the protection of coral reefs some island, like Maldives, Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands would not exist.
Coral reefs are the natural environment for millions of plants and animal species that provide food resource for local population. In addition, coral reef attracts many tourists to the places where they occur. People are attracted by many tourists that are coming to explore coral reefs and its marine ecosystems.

How to help this organization? So you have two possibilities. You can adopt coral reef by donating 15 dollars, or you can simply donate online. What does it mean that you will adopt coral reef? Thanks to your donation, we will plant a coral for you. You can name your coral and when you will come one day to the island where Coral Guardian is acting, you can dive to see your coral reef.

adopt a coraldonate

Learn more about Cloud Automation.

How to manage all data if you have your online business and you cannot store all data in one server? You have to think about Cloud Automation and additional space on your server to order, store and manage all information about your clients, products that you are offering and all processes that are running from the start till the end of all online operations.

it automation

Learn more about Cloud Automation and some solutions that will help you to manage your online business. Discover ProActive Workflows & Scheduling and learn how to orchestrate all processes. Nowadays, there are plenty of domains that are offering some Open Source solutions, bringing Transparency, Interoperability and Flexibility to your business.

Accelerate your jobs and use the resources that will meet your needs and requirements (like GPU acceleration, library, or data locality). Think about optimizing executions of all processes thanks to queuing, planification and fault tolerance.

Be up to date and look for the best solution for your all online processes running in your business. You will find in the Internet a number of professional partners who will give you the best solution, will deploy your virtual machines to bring you satisfaction and make IT Automation and Cloud Automation clear for you.

Open Source Cloud Automation

These online, turnkey solutions will provide you with intuitive web interfaces and you will have a possibility to save on infrastructure by reducing costs with energy saving strategies and elasticity. You will federate your existing resources (clusters, virtualized infrastructures, desktop machines) and add maybe some extra resources from clouds.

It automation is now within reach! Choose one of open Source Cloud Automation and deploy it yourself. Get free support from IT Engineers and try it online (many of websites that deploy open source cloud automation solutions, offer a free 30 days access to ProActive Cloud platforms). If these solutions are not clear for you, you can always request a demo, save time and get a personalized presentation.

Learn more about Cloud Automation:

IT Automation

Cloud Computing

men fashion

About trends in Fashion for men

Summer is coming and men will for sure change their styles. It’s a high time to wear summer, light colors and thinner materials that will match with beautiful weather outside our windows.

white tshirt

Firstly, prepare your body for summer clothes. Don’t make any excuses, you have no time anymore! Go to the gym, do some sports, go jogging! Show some muscles!

To be spotted in the crowd, get yourself a nice accessory that will make you look outstanding: hat, nice leather belt, colored shoes, or leather boots. We are recommending you to wear this summer more light colors. Wearing black, brown and grey is always possible, but… not in a sunny day! Wear these colors when you are going out at night (as they make men look elegant). During the day, choose yellow, blue, and green. If you don’t like fluorescent colors, go for light tones: light yellow, light green, light blue! Do you like white? Wear this color as well! You can choose from a selection of printed t-shirts, or choose white t-shirt and wear it simply with jeans (light blue, beige jeans, or chinos). Inject you wardrobe with some color. Which shoes to wear?

men shoes summerConverse

mario BertulliMario Bertulli

stan smith adidasStan Smith


We know that you are a man and you don’t need to spend one hour in the bathroom to prepare yourself, BUT if you have all possibilities now to protect, hydrate and make you skin looking better, why not to use them? Choose a light cream that won’t make your skin shine, will hydrate and provide you with UVA protection.

Choose light cologne water to feel fresh and spread nice aura around you. Take care about your hair and go to the hairdresser regularly (or cat it on your own, if you are so talented).

Cultural events on French Riviera?

Come to visit French Riviera and take part in all important and well known music festivals, as for example: Crossover Festival, Electronic Beaches, Crazy Week Festival, or Nice Jazz Festival!

crazy week festival

If you are fan of electronic music and you don’t want to miss one of the most important electronic concert on the South of France, book now your ticket for Crossover Festival that will take place from the 5th to the 9th of May. The stars that have already confirmed their performances are: Bonobo, Buraka Som Sistema, Cashmere Cat, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Rone, Jabberwocky, Matador, Nicolas Dermen and many more… You can buy tickets for this event online or in one of the Fnac stores.


This year Electronic Beaches will start the 17th of July (the last day of Electronic Beaches will be on the 10th of August). This event will bring together all electronic music fans that will take part in the best concerts, next to the seaside. Spend a great night under a clear sky, dancing, swimming in the clear sea and listening to your favorite tracks in life version!

plages électroniques

This year, Nice Jazz Festival will offer you following stars: Cassandra Wilson, Jamie Cullum, Asaf Avidan, Lauryn Hill and Eric Legnini, The Roots and many more.  As, Nice Jazz Festival is well known all around the world, don’t hesitate to book your ticket as soon as possible. The event starts the 7th of July and takes place till the 12th of July.

Concerning Crazy Week Festival, the sixth edition of this event will take place in Nice (Théatre du Verdure) from the 15th of July to the 18th of July.

Some practical advices while coming to the South of France:

Where to eat ?

Where to shop ?

How to get from Nice airport ?

Souvenirs ?







high range spas

Luxury spa to make your bathroom looking special!

high range spas

high range spas

Find a luxury spa that will fully meet your expectations. If you want to make a good choice of high range spa, learn that nowadays there are a number of companies and online businesses that are distinguished by their selection of exclusive spas and Jacuzzis. Nowadays, there are a lot of factories that are producing best quality material and spas with special accessories to provide you with optimized comfort and full satisfaction. You can choose a model of Jacuzzi from your dream that is within easy reach thanks to a number of online shops that ship their products in whole Europe. Clients can choose from a large range of spas taking into consideration manufacturers from all over the world.

Spa  3 places or 4 places for your whole family

If you are looking for a spa for your whole family, choose spa 3 places or spa 4 places. These modern spas will offer you the facility of use and installation. All modern models combine entertainment, therapy and comfort all year round. The accessibility of a higher quality product for all is the first sales force of international online market.

spa 3 places

spa 3 places

Online offers of high range spas for your home

spa 4 places

spa 4 places

You will find in online shops diversity of designs, options (options ranging from the simplest to more complicated, sustainable solutions and adapted to the most stringent requirements; spas easy to install and maintain). To make you familiarize with a diversity of all offers, don’t hesitate to visit online all internet shops that offer spas 3 places, or spas 4 places. Clients are recommended depending on their needs and requirements. Nothing can compare to the purchase of spas assisted by an experienced professional who cares about your well-being. Feel free to inform shop assistants and experts about your expectations. A whole staff of online shops offering high range spas 4 places, or spas 3 places is at your disposal regarding your financial, esthetical and quality requirements.

Here are some online shops that will offer you the best quality of interior spas 3 places and spas 4 places: Aqua Relax (French Online shop), Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors (English Online shop), Spa World (Austrian Online Shop).


Opt for an additional chiller in your company!

AggrekoIndustrial companies that are using giant machines know that overheating of the engines can happen anytime. Moreover, waste treatment and different materials produced during industrial processes produce a high heat emission. To maintain a performance of all machines and assure a continuity of their production, industrial chiller will be required.

That’s the reason why, industrial chiller rental seems to be the best solution. Not only, it represents many advantages in term of budget, but also let to ensure the performance of machines and the continuity of the production.

To ensure a good the proper operation of your industrial process

To ensure the production of your industry, you want at all costs to keep the right performance of your industrial machines and all your equipment.  That’s why the industrial chillers will be more beneficial for you. We are offering you to rent chillers to avoid the overheating of your machines. As well, the operations of maintenance / repair are necessary via our principal cooling towers. Our industrial chiller let keeps your machine constantly at low temperature.

Whatever your needs in term of chillers, you will for sure find what are you looking for among industrial chillers offered on the market. To discover a whole range of industrial chillers, learn more about some companies that are providing the service of industrial chiller for hire worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to contact these websites to find the solution adapted to your needs and your requirements.

Learn more about Aggreko, Aqua Cooling, Ics Cool Energy, Waltkins Hire, Cooling for industry.



Different use of power generators

AggrekoAdditional power generator is dedicated to produce electricity in an isolated area that is not connected to the electricity grid. A different use, it can be used in a camping car, on the ship, in the construction site, or at home. In the first two cases, the generator is equipped with batteries that load only when the machine is running. On the other hand, at home and in the construction site, the additional power generator group has to be mobile to ensure an easy transport. The generator is powered by a fuel that is to choose according to the carburetor engine (petrol, diesel and gas). There are also solar power generators that do not consume fuel and are considered as the most modern power generators! In all cases, the power of generators should match the power of all devices that you desire to feed.

The rental of power generators and industrial chillers – economical option

The cost of a generator varies mainly according to his power that is expressed in Watts in kilowatts or kilovolt-ampere. If you need power generator for a definite period, the generator rental will be the most economical solution. Professional in the field of power generators for hire, companies specialized in power generators for hire are giving at your disposal a wide fleet of models that can be adapted to your needs and requirements.

Learn more about power generators and industrial chillers for hire provided by Aggreko, Bsria, Enetics, Inlec and many more!

Renting of power generators for campings

AggrekoFor all your camping travels you can use electricity thanks to power generators. Power generators will provide you with electrical power during all the time needed. You only have to choose the right machine that will provide you with the right power to use all the machines. However, you need to know that the electricity power produced with this kind of equipment is not highly recommended for security reasons.

Also, on a distant site, you will need to obtain an adjustable current source and adaptable to your tools and your machines that you are actually using. In both cases, since the duration of the use of the equipment is limited in time, a use of generator for hire is cheaper than buying it. You should choose your power generator according to the current setting of the field, the diameter of the electrodes, the voltage and three-phase power.

Where to rent power generator?

If you are looking for a reliable partner that rents power generators, don’t hesitate to look for them in the Internet. You will find companies, operating in this area for years that will practical and economical for companies and individual needs of power generators for a specified period.

Learn more about Aggreko solutions,HSS Hire, Generator Power and other companies that are giving at your disposal power generators for hire.